When MSNBC announced that New Wave is Back!, moistworks didn't cover his ears and deny the words. I'm retro-forward!

Art Blakey banged the drum for some 30+ years for his Jazz Messengers band. He also contibuted to Thelonius Monk's historic 1957 group, a group that included both Coleman Hawkins and John Coltrane.

Of Art, Kenny Clark said: "You see Buhaina is the only one I know who can make a press or ocean roll come out on top of the beat and keep the whole shit swinging. He never looked back. If you know a living drummer who can do it better than 'Buh,' name him and I'll kiss him here and now"

Buhaina is Blakey's M name: he's often called "Bu" by his friends...

When I was in high school - I though Thelonius Monk's name was "The Loneliest Month"

Final day of acidjazz action from the Tribe Called Quest vaults

Martha and the Muffins had a silly one-hit-wondery name, the kind Mo "Look at my Big Four-Eyed Face" Rocca makes wry quips about on VH1, and they had but one (very very rad) hit in 1979/80 with "Echo Beach." But they were not a one trick pony. Martha and the Muffins knocked out a string of decent albums deep into the decade.

In 1981 the band took on a new lady bassist went by the name Jocelyne Lanois. Jocelyne had a brother, called himself Daniel. Daniel's signature production sound is ALL over Martha's post "Echo Beach" catalogue. Songs like "This Is The Ice Age" sound strikingly like very early Talking Heads.

If you haven't heard heard "Echo Beach" though, its gonna curl your Fioruccis.

Muffin Man Mark Gane reckons Echo Beach ain't real, its in your heart, so don't go looking for it.

He also describes, on the official MatM site, the lyrics to "This is the Ice Age" thusly:

The lyrics describe what came out of my head when waking up after a vividly beautiful dream. I've always been fascinated with this period of time; its odd mammalians, the idea of the human race not dominating the world around it, the purity of landscapes untouched by cities and roads, air so sharp it might burn the lungs, (but in a pleasantly euphoric way), and filled with strange, unfathomable sounds. In a funny sort of way, this could be an account of dying and going up to heaven, (the odd mammalians being angels I suppose).

I think the period Mark refers to is the actual Ice Age, not mornings in his bed, but either way.... oddly mamallian, Ripping stuff!! -- though those "strange, unfathomable sounds" are probably just the Rhodes CHROMA Synth Martha was banging on.

The Midnight Oil version of "Echo Beach" is a live number from a 1982 Mlebourne show. Its not really that inspired but worth a listen.