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Many many men have jammed to "Green Dolphin Street." The Cook County Jail album is perhaps a minor classic, but you would have to ask a Jazz Barney. It features George Freeman and Jimmy McGriff on organ, and moistworks number one hall-of-fame Singaporean B-TOWN ele-phunk legend O'Donel Levy on guitar. I wrote a boldly revisionist hagiohraphy of The Don once, a minor classic in its own blasphemous right. Really I did and wuill one day deliver it to the world. Until then you can see ODog play weekly at Baltimore restaurant Courtneys Place.

The Cook's County Sherrifs website.

The Green Dolphin Street Jazz Restaurant (every time I hear the words "Jazz restaurant" I reach for my revolver)

Green Dolphin Street THE MOVIE

Minnie Riperton died very young of breast cancer. She is best known for her beautifully moving 1974 #1 hit "Lovin' You", which was a ballad to her daughter Maya, now a sexy star on Saturday Night Live.

They say Minnie had some kind of freak range, like 5 and a half octaves. I think thats more octaves than the entire Band Aid 20 ensemble put together.