Moistworks is back on board

It turns out my hosting service is rigorously Christian and in the end I had to agree to take down my topless Maury Chaykin photographs, but it was worth it to keep the moist side moist and its what Maury would want.

Coming back with a wimper today, as I step perilously close to smooth-jazz turf.

Im pretty sure that I would never board a Smooth Jazz Cruise unless I was ready to cross to the other otherside. I fear they are our adult contemporary ferrymen up the river Styx. And if I saw Grover Washington Jr sidle up next to me in the mens room, I would know my time had come. I would button up my tux and take his hand, knowing that heaven would hold me in satin sheets and suggestive incenses with names like "Tanzania Queen" and it would always hover between day and nightfall, a time and place they call "Winelight" in smooth jazz heaven. And were the morning sun ever to come, Grover himself would deliver fresh bottles of Rose wine product to my doorstep.

Idris Muhammad's soul is a fair bit more volcanic than Soft Money Grove's. He's an OG drum legend. Over his long career hes backed singers Betty Carter, Etta Jones and Roberta Flack, jammed with Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Pharoah Sanders and Herbie Hancock. He even played for the musical Hair

Nowadays Idris just wants to "...go fishin' and smoke my Cuban cigars and drink Diet Coke. I would like to enjoy a little bit of my life, come off of the road. I've done a lot of great things in my lifetime. And I know I can play. Some guys never reach their goal of what they're trying to achieve in life, you know? My life has been quite fruitful," says Muhammad. "I'm 62 now and I've been on the road 47 years and I'm thinkin' that I don't really want die out here."